…and what might be behind the Magic Lantern.

Sometimes, the internet really bothers me.
I know… I know…
This is going to a tired statement with a simple solution, and of course I would be ready for a technology break just after starting a blog… But hey! You got this far, just play along.

For a very long time, I never read the comments on things posted, be it a photo on Facebook or a news story or whatever. I accepted the item for how it was presented and made my own conclusion rather than be influenced by opinion. I started to read the comments, after a fashion (a specific incident precipitated it). I really wish I had not.
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The Impossible Unicorn…

…and those possible.

I wanted my blog address to be “The Impossible Unicorn”, but a quick internet search told me that wouldn’t be a good idea (apparently it is something from a video game or something? I don’t know). Anyway, I chose to name my blog heading that instead. There was something about those two words together I just liked.
Since I never did any sort of intro post, I figure I might as well use this post to tell you a bit about me or at least why I chose that name.

One well known fact about me is that I believe anything can happen. Honestly. I believe nothing is impossible. I believe in infinite possibility. I do. I honestly believe that all things are possible and anything can happen (and very well may be…).

I was never one of those little girls who *loved* unicorns, as the stereotype goes. I was too busy loving cats and learning all about them (seriously). I honestly never really gave unicorns much of a second thought…. until 2006. The 28th of September, to be exact (and, please note, I am horrible with dates and chronological order of life’s events (more on that later, I am sure) and I don’t believe in linear time. I know that date, precisely, only because of a passport entry stamp received later that day).
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Playing Peacefully…

…and learning to be better.

I had something I wanted to post but in light of today’s events, it would be ill-timed.

That’s happened to me as often as it could have in five short blog posts. I was set each time to post a thought and was made to think better of it (and I do feel it ultimately made for better posts).

Mindfulness, a conscious decision to not be insensitive, and to be responsible for the power of our words. It has been good for me to step away from my initial thoughts, chew on them and decide if that is what I REALLY want to put out into the world.

Every word we say, every action we take, has a ripple effect… we are not alone in the pond.

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OM Shanti….


I was taught violence,
I just didn’t learn very well (and for that, I am grateful).

That’s all.
That’s my thought for this evening. I am leaving it here.
(There’s more to that. I could write a lot of words to explain it or *prove* it or justify it, but I think that simple phrase says enough. There are heavy thoughts around that, but maybe I just don’t need to give them light, but rather just taking the lesson there of.)

Lunchtime Yoga…

…and the benefit I gained today.

I like yoga. Yoga works, for me – I get that it isn’t for everyone. But for me, it works.

There is a particular yoga class I am quite fond of . It is a 45 minutes “slow flow” class at lunchtime on Fridays. I like the particular instructor. It seems she always has, in that 45 minutes, what I need. Physically the practice is always effective and generally the meditations seem to touch on something I need to hear at that time.

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Things left unsaid….

…can resonate loudly.

One of the really nice things about being at or around the age I currently am is how easily the filter comes off the tongue. By this point, you have hopefully lived enough that you really just lose a lot of tolerance for people’s malarkey and are far more willing to call them out on it. It basically comes down to “my life is too short for your whining.” – And, ideally, YOU lose some of that in yourself… you have less time for malarkey in your own life.

One of the catalysts in my life for this *filter* coming off was a great loss that effected me deeply, one that I did not even realize how deeply it effected me and still does (more on that later, as I am sure it is a partial reason for this blog).  Basically, I no longer have tolerance for my own malarkey and excuses. It is bad when you start to annoy even yourself . At that point, there are two things you can do about it: resign to misery or DO SOMETHING about it. Obviously, I am opting the for the latter.

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Stranded Like Dolphins…

…but in my own thoughts.

Maybe this is an odd choice for a first post… no “intro”, no explanation, I am just getting to it.

Today I saw an internet video that showed a pod of dolphin beached in Brazil. Now, the point of the video was showing a group of people helping the dolphins back into the water. There were like 8 guys and maybe 15 dolphins, roughly, maybe more.

What got me as much as the action was the inaction.

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