Sometimes, When You Are Wrong, You Are Right…

…and learning to BE wrong.

Recently as I was driving around in my car in a residential area. I came upon a stop sign, and I was not paying as much attention as I should have been. My car is modern and recent and relatively new, thereby, it is full of needless gadget and distraction. At the stop sign, I *stopped*… then I looked up and REALLY stopped. I was half way through the intersection and very nearly hit another car that had that right of way.

She rolled down her window and started screaming at me.
I said I was sorry, gave “the wave” and she kept screaming at me.

Action causes reaction; I started screaming back. This went on for several minutes.
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Along The Third Rail…

…and between the stops.

People on subways are interesting. I find I generally enjoy riding the subway, not so much for the ride, but more so for the people-watching.

I think about the mass transit systems I have been on. Several cities, and the people are still all the same: From tourists lost in a sea of commuters (novelty over function) just trying to get around an unfamiliar place to those who take the transport for granted (until it breaks down!). Continue reading

“So Many […] Beautiful Faces…”

…a tale of Chris Corner and his band.

This past Tuesday night, April 30th, I attended an IAMX concert in Toronto. IAMX was the first concert I *really * wanted to see in a long time. It is so awesome to watch people so obviously enjoying their work and doing it with passion.

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