Kindness; Doing Good…

…and all the good that comes back to you.

I do nice things for people. It is just part of who I am. I can not help it, I have to be nice, I have to give, I have to share. It’s just in my nature.

MOST of the time, I am glad for this being part of my nature. I truly believe that to have things, you have to give things away – basically, fortune is meant to be shared. No, this doesn’t mean you give everything away and leave yourself at a deficit (though, I have done that). It means when you know you are fortunate, even a little bit, you help those less so – in whatever way that presents itself. You give back as a form of gratitude, of saying “Thank You” to the universe. It doesn’t matter how you do it; you don’t have to give away your money – maybe you volunteer at an animal shelter, or you help at a retirement home or you do something to help a friend out. This all counts. I think it’s just a matter of humbling yourself a little and reminding yourself that just because of where you are, doesn’t mean you started there. It’s remembering “being there” so you can appreciate where you are at now…. remember what you are working for and also putting some good back into the world (because you’ve been blessed with good).

Now, admittedly, sometimes, it can feel like a thankless job. Especially if you give cash to a friend or sometimes when you help someone directly… sometimes, you feel more screwed over than blessed… but, you do it anyway. Sometimes, you feel like get taken from and never get a break in return… but you do it anyway. You keep doing good even when you get discouraged; because good trumps bad (period).

Frankly, it IS a thankless job, it really is… but that’s the point. You don’t do things to get things – you don’t do stuff for accolades. You do it because it is the right thing to do and you CAN do it. You do it without expectation of reward, or even thanks – because if rewards or accolades are your motivation, you aren’t practicing altruism or being selfless, you are, in fact, being selfish and only doing it to get something (and that is called a JOB, not an act of kindness).

You just do good because you are good and it radiates. (Ideally).

You just do it. You do it so you can sleep at night and know you made your little part of the world better (you hope).

Now, *They* say good comes back to you tenfold. I don’t know if that’s true, maybe it is and maybe what you get back isn’t obvious – maybe it’s the fact you can keep giving that is what you get back… you stay fortunate.
It’s not our place to worry if somewhere in the universe there is a ticking of a chart to monitor our good deeds (remember, if there were, it would tick the not so good ones too!). It is just our place to make this place we live in a bit better while we are here. It is our place to love – because really; that’s it. That’s what it’s all about. Love. And Love each other – give an actual damn and be a part of THIS, this life, this NOW.

Love is the thing that binds all the religion, all our relations, all our comforts, all our supernatural belief – that at the end, all we really want is that we have some warm arms to wrap around us, literal or figurative, and warm us in the light of love.
So… how can you work toward that if you ignore a hungry person or a hurt puppy, or don’t help where you can? How can you expect warm arm to protect you, if you turn a blind eye, or worse judge, someone one (or something) else?

I don’t know, maybe I got it wrong – but that’s the way I see it and believe things to be.

Of course, then there are other times when you just do get an instant return on your investment.
Yesterday, I saw a woman come into a filling station. She had 70 cents and asked the man working there if she could pay that for a $1 worth of gas because she was broke and needed to get to work. The gentleman behind the counter said ok. While she was putting that $1 worth of gas in her car, I offered her $10 worth of gas. I went in and paid for it. She was very grateful and she teared up – and that, really, the gratitude, was enough for me (so often doing good is actually “thankless”, even when you help a friend… sometimes they get so complacent in your relationship, they forget to even say thank you. You should never be so complacent you forget to tell someone you appreciate what they do for you.).

Later that day, I went to use the cash machine to get some cash out and I found a $20 nearby. There was no one around, it was just there. I assumed it was for me. 🙂
I accepted it with eye skyward and whispered “Thank You” with a reminder that, sometimes, there are rewards for being a good person and helping someone out. And, sometimes, they are direct and obvious.


6 thoughts on “Kindness; Doing Good…

  1. The good old Law Of Attraction, nice post ! I have an in-depth article about this titled “The Power Of Positivity”. Feel free to check it out ! Many people do not realize the power of it all and how the universe works. I’m here to inform them on that !!

    • Thank you, Hasan! I will indeed check out your post.
      It sounds like something I would agree with. I tell people to always look for the good and that it is easier to smile and be nice than it is to be mean! ❤

      • You’re welcome, thank YOU for sharing. I would’ve left a link but I didn’t want to seem like a spammer, but I have a search on my blog at the top right so you can find that particular post easily. Hope you enjoy, and continue to write !

      • I found it! I am exploring your blog now – Don’t feel that that though! Feel free (at least here!) to promote yourself and share your thoughts/links – I welcome it!

        Though, that is a very considerate attitude. I like your blog, I started following!

      • Ok, great ! Thanks for following, I followed you as well and based on what you were writing about I figured you would enjoy so I decided to share !!

  2. Maven says:

    If anything, I find it takes MORE energy to be mean than to be nice. But perhaps that’s a sign that I’m not a psychopath. Or at least that’s the yardstick by which I’m measuring things:)

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