You Are Born And You Live…

…and then you die.

Is it amazing, or just scary?
We live in an age where people are no longer (so) taken aback when someone says “I can’t make it Thursday, I will be giving birth”. – We’ve come to accept planned births.

How amazing is THAT anyway? Planned birth.

Birth, however, has a natural counterpart:
Today I was informed that someone close to me is going to die, soon…. on April 2nd.

Planned death.

Not suicide, not even euthanasia.
That is the day the life support is planned to be turned off, and…. shortly there after, life will (likely) expire.
“Let nature take its course.”

Nothing profound here today.
Just that thought.
It is a heavy thought.

I guess there *are* other instances of *knowing* death is coming (general illness or even, execution?), but to know exactly feels weird.

It’s on my mind.
I guess the mercy here is that the person in question doesn’t know. He has no idea of the state he is in (or at least, so medical science tells us).
He is comfortably unaware of not only his surroundings, but also the conditions he’s in or even of what is to come.

Death, always, has only ever been a problem for the living…
…those directly effected go on from it.

All we can hope for is peace, either way.



So Much Of Everything…

…and still a lot of nothing.

I am contemplating a piece of technology.
I am waiting for the updated version, set to release in a few days, if I do, indeed, make the purchase.

It is a device you wear on your wrist. A watch.
However, it is more than a watch…
…it is a PHONE…
…and also a camera (that takes video)…
…a notepad…
…messaging device…
…music player…
…heart rate monitor…
…and has a touch screen, 4 gigs of memory and 512 MB Ram.
All for the low, low cost of just a few hundred dollars!

Do you know what this is? This is AMAZING!
It has MORE memory than several of the first computers/laptops I owned. It is a PHONE, on your WRIST. This is LITERALLY living in the age of *Star Trek* times! Crazy, right?
Well, you’d think…

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So, You Want To Enjoy Sex?

…Better go far, far away where no one knows your name…


If you are just tuning in, what you may not know about me is I am a BIG proponent of solo-travel. I think everyone should travel solo, on a fairly major trip, at least once. Being that I believe that, and that I enjoy solo travel, it is something I read about fairly regularly.

This morning I happened upon an article about solo travel. Now, unfortunately, I can’t share the article (I know, bad blogger) because I lost it… I was reading it on my phone (ah, what a marvelous age we live in…). In fact, I was very leisurely reading it in bed on my phone, and it caused me to jump up and bust out the keyboard. It was, innocently enough, an article listing ten reasons why you should travel while you are single, written by a woman.
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It Is Snowing Again Today…

…and why I am grateful for it.

As my last two half-hearted posts have expressed, this winter has taken it’s toll on me as it has on a lot of people, I am sure. It has been a tough winter… even my tiny purse dog has gained weight (and she has nowhere to put it!).
However, I made no secret I do love snow and winter.

Today, after several very spring-like days, we got another winter storm. As I type, I am watching it come down heavily.
Many people have been complaining about it.

Well, I have some something to say about that complaining…
…and it may not be a popular consensus, but it will be a truthful one (from my perspective).

It really depresses my spirit to be around people (even written, such as social media) who would rather be negative than change their situation or find the good.
How easy it is to complain about something you can’t change (the weather), how hard it is to find joy anyway (and maybe just be a pleasant person).

I am really befuddled by how people my age (firmly “middle”) are acting like this particular winter is SO out of the norm for this area, just because we had a few mild ones prior to this one. I distinctly remember going to church on a snowy Palm Sunday or three as a child.

I spent the afternoon in a cafe in this more northern city I happily find myself in today with a bunch of other people, not complaining about the snow. Why? Because snow, even after a warm period, even in near mid-March, happens when you are north of the 37th parallel in North America. It IS still winter and it isn’t a shock. If it IS a shock, perhaps it is time to rent a moving truck, one way.
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