Letting Go…

…so you know what to hold on to.

To be honest, I don’t know what I want out of blogging. I just know I have a need to write that I try to ignore but I honestly can not.

Writing is a joy that needs discipline.

Perhaps I want the blog as a way of expecting something from myself. Perhaps I hope the blog will force me to tend to it, force me to write…

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Fractured Metatarsals…

…and the other things that slowed me down.

I have been running, actually for years now, like a rat on an exercise wheel, with the attention span of a gnat.
This may sound like a good thing, but it isn’t. It has been a way to avoid many things in my life. Sometimes, we have to slow down to give ourselves opportunity to learn and grown, and when we don’t do that, sometimes life will make us.

Well, life has decided to make me.
In fairness, life has given me subtle warnings that I needed to re-evaluate and assess and make changes, but apparently, I don’t do subtle well, so life decided to go all mobster on me. Well, on my foot, anyway.

I have literally been slowed by a break and a cast and immobility.

It’s painful, it’s inconvenient and it’s annoying, but there’s always multiple sides to every event we face. This is also a gift.

How can a busted up foot in a 40 yr old be a gift, you may ask?
Well… just that. I have to slow down. I realize I am babying this. I am taking it slow and seriously. If I was younger, I would have taken it as *no big deal*; probably tried to go dancing already! Consequence and arthritis would be *sometime* in the future. Well, when you are this age, a break sorta COMES with the immediate threat of arthritis and the distinct threat of longer healing time, if at all, plus! More pain. So I am forced to slow down.

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Be A Real Person…

…because it beats the alternative.

Tonight’s post is again inspired by a blog post, but *this time* I will NOT be a “bad blogger” and I will site my source. It is here.

The article in question is an interesting one and one I agree with.

Zooey Deschanel is a lovely woman… I have not seen her show (shows?) but I know who she is and that she is lucky enough to have sung with Prince. That’s awesome. She’s beautiful and *cute* and my post is, in no way, in anyway derogatory toward her. I have hold no animosity toward her, I wish her the best.

Unfortunately, the above article made her the focus of a point (but I will not).

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Let Me Tell You How to Lead YOUR Life…

…but don’t dare suggest how I should lead my own.

(My title today is a bastardized paraphrase from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho)

I am not a therapist or psychologist. This is simply my personal blog and my personal opinion, and I ask you to take it with a grain of salt.

Not too long ago, I referred to myself as a “bad blogger” because I forgot to cite a source/lost the link to an article I was referring. Today, I am going to be a “bad blogger” again, only this time it is going to be deliberate. I am intentionally not linking to the source article that inspired this post because I found it quackery. Now, hear me out… if you have a blog and you post something as your opinion; cool. That isn’t *quackery* and, if someone doesn’t agree with you, it’s just a matter of different opinions. HOWEVER, when you present your opinion as scientific fact… The article in question was presented as fact and in my opinion, sorry, *quackery*. (I should point out this wasn’t a personal blog, if it were a personal blog, I would have nothing to say of it. The problem is, however, this article was in a well known women’s magazine.)

The article I read was about Why Men Cheat. I get it; we all want answers. When things happen, when things go awry, we want to know “Why”. However, if you want an answer as to why men cheat, I can answer you in so far as I can not; the same as anyone…

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