Trees Change…

…It is sometimes sad, but it is always necessary.

You know, perhaps the biggest insult you can give to someone is that they just don’t matter in your life.

Maybe. Maybe there is one beyond that:
There were a few people who have hurt me deeply. I am past looking back at the good times fondly and experiencing a softening toward these persons (I realize in time I will be able too look back at those good times without so much of the unwanted sentiment). I don’t have to forgive or welcome someone back just because there is good in our shared history.

I have opted to actively not think about certain people. It is a way of preservation, to not let them back in, to not soften toward them. Sometimes, the doors we shut are meant to stay shut.
Today one of these people crept in, and I thought “wow, I can’t wait for the day you leave my memory totally.” I say this in the sense that one day the day will come that I can remember the good times but it will be with almost faceless participants, because the other players simply don’t matter anymore, they will just cease to “be there” in my memory. I don’t want them there fondly or in softness, I just want them gone… but still wish to preserve my own memory of events, for me (because they are partly mine).
Perhaps that is truly the bigger insult.

I have learned from the manipulation and lies and I do not wish to forget what I learned. In this situation I speak of it was particularly hard given that one of the persons was such a large, significant and intimate part of my personal history. However, the expulsion was not my choice but merely the result of their own actions (mandating it necessary). Really, if I was good at playing the victim, I would say that person stole my memories from me and the part of my future I saw them in. I can not say that though, I have to accept my own choice. I can not blame someone else for what is ultimately a choice I made, regardless of the reasons I made said choice (I could have opted to accept their actions).

Time has a way of making things, even the deepest of things, not matter the same way, if at all.

It is just really sort of sad that time can make a PERSON not matter, but again… Sometimes it is necessary.

Seasons change and trees grow.
So must we.


To Travel Over the Road…

…or, more importantly, with the RIGHT travel partner on a Road Trip.

For many years, I found domestic travel a bit, almost, pointless (for the sake of this blog post, please understand I am including the continental parts of the U.S. and Canada as “Domestic”).
I didn’t understand the point of putting for the same (or more!) amount of money and flight time to travel across this continent when for pretty much the same investment, I could wake up in an other. So, for a very long time, *travel* in my mind meant flying to Europe and going from there. This was so true in my head that quite a number of the trips I had taken domestically almost “didn’t count” in my mind.

Then… a situation arose that changed my perspective.
See, I never considered anywhere I could get to in one day, by car, a “trip” or a “vacation,” even if I drove there and stayed for a day or even a week. Also, I hadn’t gone on a road trip that couldn’t be completely within a day (even if that day was 17 hours of driving).

Life happened (as it will) and asked me to take a trip that would take several days, each way. I was called upon to deliver a car to my sister. Now, I could have shipped it. It would have only cost me a few hundred dollars to stick it on a car carrier, however… my sister was living far away and desperate for familial contact. The decision was made I should deliver the car and fly back.
THIS particular situation actually ended up necessitating two trips out on that same route, ending in Phoenix, Arizona.
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Backyard Tourist…

…and making the best of the situation at hand.

I like to travel, it isn’t even a *want* for me, it’s a need. Even when I am not on a “big trip,” I am often augmenting my Wanderlust with smaller day trips. Unfortunately, as I recently mentioned, I have been spinning my wheels and not even doing that as freely as I usually do. There hasn’t been a logical reason for me to be restricting myself in such a manor, however, such restriction is not really good for my soul.

If for some reason, you aren’t motivating along an itinerary as you feel you should be, there are always ways to satisfy itchy feet in the interim.

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