Where to start…. Where to start…

…at the beginning?

I don’t know where the beginning is, really. Not in this case….
…Really, I don’t know where the end is either, I just suspect somehow I am in the middle. Also, I know from experience that the only way out is through.

This may be disjointed and directionless, but sometimes, that’s the way things go. I am trying to embrace the moment and try to let go a little, maybe not control every little bit.

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The Joy of Going It Alone…

… Or… “Taking a solo road trip.”

I recently posted on a potential upcoming road trip, one that would have me driving back alone. However, now things have happened and that particular trip is now not going to happen.

I, however, got excited about the concept of doing a road trip alone and I thought it would be a great experience.

I actually HAVE taken a solo road trip before. It is funny that for the reasons it came about, it didn’t even occur to me at the time I was, in fact, taking a solo road trip.

In 2011, I drove through Ireland! But for some reason, in my brain, Ireland was easy (even being on the “wrong” side of the road) but the concept of driving the U.S. (or Canada) alone seems so overwhelming and scary. Perhaps because it’s so vast. In Ireland, I had a loose itinerary and set hotel reservations. My destinations were never more than a few hours from each other. I had things to do every day (if I wanted) which was a very good thing as purpose of my trip was to try to distract myself from my broken heart. I took the trip on a total whim, trying to heal my broken heart. My beloved cat had passed and I just wanted to be numb. It didn’t work, and to be honest, because of that, I don’t remember much of the trip.

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The Solo Traveler Blog….

…To Nod to Another…

I would like to tell you about a wonderful blog called The Solo Traveler blog. I happened upon this blog BECAUSE I am a solo traveler. In fact, before I happened upon this blog, I didn’t know “going it alone” was a “thing” – certainly not one that people sought! My solo travel all just *happened* or I didn’t give going alone a second thought!

If you travel alone, or are thinking about traveling alone, there are great stories and resources on this page and there are great articles on solo road trips as well, including this one.

If you are a seasoned solo traveler or looking to take your first trip alone, you may well find wonderful ideas and resources on that blog. I agree with a lot of her tip regarding a solo road trip, and I firmly echo the one about limiting your daily driving. She opts for 5 hours driving per day, I say 6 (same difference). There is value in limiting your daily drive time. I have had previous road trips hampered by people who just wanted to get there. I feel you simply you miss too much being hurried, trying to drive through the night, etc. For me, it has never been about just getting to a destination; the real joy is in the journey.

I have, in many previous post, listed my own advice and opinion on solo travel, but my opinions are just that and a reflection of what works for me. Other perspective is always a good thing. Hey! Isn’t that why we are all here blogging and reading anyway?

What’s that phrase?

“…Stop making stupid people famous”

So, unless you’ve been asleep on the internet, you probably know about the mugshot that went viral. The convicted felon that everyone was swooning over, saying he is “too pretty” to be in jail, etc. Actually, no, he isn’t too pretty to be in jail, not if he committed crimes. He is right where he belongs.

However, the news on this person now is that apparently, he’s getting a modeling agent and modeling gigs from behind bars.

He has mug shots going back 12 years.

So WHAT kind of message does this send to young kids? It’s ok to be a felon, just be pretty, you’ll get a good job.

Just like the other messages we have sent out, already:
It’s ok to make sex tapes, just have some warped superficial sense of pretty, you’ll be famous and rich.

It’s ok to maybe rape young girls and at the very least do questionable things with them, so long as you are an R&B music star.

It’s ok to abuse animals, you’ll still make millions of dollars and be a hero playing football.
(No! It really isn’t. It is CRIMINAL that man was allowed back to play professional football. Shame on the entire NFL and every fan who watches it and endorsed that.)

No wonder kids feel it’s ok to lack ambition and be utterly disrespectful to themselves, authority, the law and each other. Society shows them THAT is what gets rewarded.

You REALLY can’t complain about society going to hell in a hand-basket when it’s your own hand carrying the basket.