Everyone Is Looking For a Miracle…

…But no one is willing to find it.

This morning started with someone telling me I should go to the doctor to obtain a specific medication.
Basically, the advice was to whine and exaggerate until I get it.

Here’s the thing, I don’t want it.

Yes, it’s true, I AM actually qualified for taking it – it IS indicated for something that has been diagnosed in me… but frankly, I don’t understand why so many other people have it – people want it because of the side effects it has for a person who doesn’t have a need. It isn’t magic pill for me, it is barely an anything pill for me (as in, doesn’t really DO what it is supposed to), and it harms other parts of you in the process.

I am selective about taking medication, much to the dismay of people around me.

Example; currently, I have a bit of a cold. However, my FIRST solution is to have this nice cup of tea, with honey (a natural antibiotic) and lemon (which will cut mucus) and ginger. Maybe in a bit I will get crazy and add some cinnamon. I am willing to give this a chance before pumping myself full of chemicals.

See… there isn’t a coming back from chemicals, just a move to more. If you start with something harsh, and it eventually stops working, your only option is for “more”. How do you even know what is effective, if you’ve taken over kill to begin with?

So, for now, I am sticking to my hot tea… and as far as the other suggested medication, I will consider that if ever circumstances dictate a (stronger) need for it.

Now, please do not get me wrong… I DO understand that people have issues that need stronger intervention (and if someone does, then by all means! Please take advantage of all that is available to you). However, I think too many are so quick to reach for the magic little vile that we forget if we are feeling a little down, maybe a walk might improve our mood – being just a bit stiff MIGHT be resolved with a little movement (or heat or ice). If you need to lose a little weight, just try to drink more water and eat a bit less, before you reach for the pills and potions. If you are feeling a little unmotivated, maybe just *start*, a simple baby step… you don’t have to start everything with a leap.

I am not saying these things will cure every thing, but they might help… and maybe you wont need that pill, or might just need one instead of two. Maybe we’ve just learned to rely on promises of instant solution and experts, instead of listening to ourselves (and maybe actually DOING some of the work ourselves).

When did we stop taking the simple steps and just always jump right to the most extreme example we can find…
…then we get disillusioned when that thing losses its glitter.
We want more… faster… better… NEWER.

(and that is a metaphor not limited to just medication).


I think I’ve said it before…

…but it bears repeating.

Many years ago, someone told me I was unforgiving, that I didn’t forgive people.
That is not true. See, what I now know the issue to be is, HE was upset because I wasn’t blindly accepting his version of reality. I was not conforming to how HE felt I should respond.

I do forgive. I forgive quite readily.
However, I don’t *forget* what was done to me – no, things can not just go back to the way they were. It doesn’t work like that. A transgression had to have happened if there was a need for forgiveness anyway.
When something happens that warrants forgiveness, ideally the parties involved will resolve the situation, grow from it and improve the relationship so it wont happen again. Often, it damages the relationship, just a little bit (sometimes more), and especially when the party seeking forgiveness is prone to repeat the same or similar activities.

Saying I am sorry is not a band-aid to heal emotional hurts. Those words do not possess those magical properties. The person who called me unforgiving wanted forgiveness HIS way, for HIS comfort.

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