I Have Enough…

…And that’s ok.

That’s why I keep a gratitude journal, to appreciate my life… to be happy with what I have.

It is a small book, paper journal, hand written.
Inside it I keep a few things, just little scraps of my life, placed in for no real reason other than I had them at the time and the journal seemed a safe place to stick them. A photo, a feather, a note, etc.

Yesterday, I had a very short entry…
…Wanna know what I wrote yesterday?

I have enough and that’s ok.
I have enough and that’s more than most.
I have enough, and for that I am grateful.

That’s it. That’s all I wrote yesterday: “I have enough.”
…and that is a freeing and powerful thing to be able to say

If you focus on what you have, the things you do not have become much, much smaller and less important.

Be happy with your life.
If you have the ability to read this somehow, you have a lot. You have more than a lot of people…
…be grateful for it.


Life Is For The Living…

…and all that implies.

I always say that, Life is for the living, and I say it with a two-fold meaning.

Life is meant to be lived.
Life is for those who are living (as in, not dead).
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