…And then you begin.

your eyes are white,
and I’ve nothing less,
I’ve been spent and I know your name
and skin
and the same until
I’ve sinned,
And lost my way
And told you every lie I’ve ever been told.

Until you believe…
and I’ve left nothing,
until I’ve left with nothing…
…and I laid upon
dirty bed sheets,
torn in your pleasure,
fell beneath your name…
and I begged your seed and name
to validate my time,
My love,
my space spread…
…juices deep stained
upon sheet,
wasted empty
slapped and bruised,
like a cocaine rush
or whiskey’s deepest low
of a bass guitar hum.
Late through the night
when you’d scream my name
like a solace
or credit card bail
past midnight
when your whores and zeros gave out…
but you know my blanch
and you know my smell,
like scorn,
when your mother took away her love,
her breast,
the warmth you knew in short pants and shorter days…
never question as you crawled inside deep…
… deeper in me…
looking for yesterday in tomorrow.
Tomorrow can not come…
…will not come…
you came
and I’ve come.


One thought on “After….

  1. Copyright mine and all that good stuff…

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