Headstands and Misplaced Anger…

…And all the things you learn with time.

I have never made it a secret that I am a very grateful person.

I make a point of being very grateful. I keep a gratitude journal and repeat mantras of gratitude throughout the day. I am grateful for all the big things, of course, like the air I breathe, this life I have, waking up today. I am also grateful for all the small thing like a smile from a stranger or my brakes on my car working well, making a stop light, my hair falling just right. It takes nothing to be grateful, but it gives you so much.

One of the other things of which I am so grateful (and so often reminded to be grateful) of is the fact I made it this far in life without being bitter. But then, happiness is a CHOICE (so is being miserable).

Last night, in yoga class, I was reminded of this, and frankly, that’s the last place I should be reminded of it, ever. Continue reading