Could It Be I Actually Understand…

…Or is this just what lack of sleep looks like?

I had a bit of an early morning epiphany, of sorts.
Four a.m. can be a dangerous time…

The topic at hand is faith and belief….

I do not necessarily mean this in a religious sense (but in that context, it is also very true). It can apply to pretty much  whatever you believe or believe in.

Faith is a sort of true security in what you believe. The stronger your faith, the less of a need you feel to question.

Listening to opposing opinions and debating opinions is a process of learning; attempting to convert and having to prove your point is a form of questioning – and you can’t truly believe if you have room for doubt. When you come to the point where you just long longer have heart or mind for it (the debating, the arguing, the “proof”), I think that may come from settling into a place of *knowing*, what works as truth in your life. I calm comes over you; peace because you are no longer fighting a heart/logic dilemma. In essence, putting too fine a point on it doesn’t matter as you’ve become comfortable with a blurred edge… you just *know* what the clearer picture is meant to be.

Other people’s opinions about the subject or nature of the conviction of your faith no longer matter, because, in the end, we all face our path alone. The path of our life and what we know as we walk it is ultimately personal and no one can share it with us completely nor wear those exact shoes.

Sometimes, you just don’t want to engage the voices that rise up in argument any longer, and real peace comes from knowing a comfort on your path.

The voice of distracters doesn’t matter because, in the end, they don’t walk with you.


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