Come Back To Me…

…And listen to me rant a while.

Having that thing called Facebook is nothing short of exhausting. Removing the emotional obligation to be involved with actual friends with the never ending posts of break-ups and make-ups we all *must* be privy to and the psychological break-downs that are anything but, one must navigate the world of buzzwords, causes and politics.

It’s really not worth the payout.

This post is gonna be a long one…

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It’s Been A Hard Road…

…But somehow I’m still on it.


It’s been rough. Rougher than it’s been…

Many things have been neglected and not just my blog… ME. *I* have been neglected.

I have been neglecting myself.

I haven’t had to motivation to be better.

I want to be better, because I am more than this… but my word! Can that spiral ever so deeply pull you down!