Time And Contemplation…

…And cleaning up the mess therein. 
I often find myself saying “but people wouldn’t understand”.  I am sure that may seem self indulgent and narcissistic, as if my problems are *so* much that no one could possibly relate. 

No. That’s not really it. That’s not how I mean it. I think, really, more of what’s going on is I don’t relate to how other people handle problems. I’m not faulting “others”, as I’m the odd man out. I see a similar behavior in others which I don’t possess. I really do not know how to ask for help and when I do try to ask for help, I tend to fail pretty epically at it.

Sometimes, I think I should talk to some one, go visit a therapist. The problem is, however, I am not sure I am ready to let these demons out. Yea, no. I’m not ready to walk with them, and likely, by the time I may be ready, they will be in the past… 

…and I don’t visit the past readily. The past if gone, and I’m over it. 

I may not need that therapist after all. I probably just have to get through today


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