About The Author

The older I get the more I realize I know absolutely nothing about everything I thought I knew something about. As it turns out, that is the greatest freedom I have yet to happen upon. It is a wonderful journey upon which to embark, because you set path with no expectation and thus, no disappointment. I get to learn all over again!!!

Somewhere along the way, it seems that people seem to like my ramblings on my observations about life and it has been suggested I should share them… So, here I go. I am doing that… for now.

I am peripatetic because I have to be so.

I have loosely defined boundaries and avoid sharp corners.

I have supposedly inappropriate relationships.

I like furry things, am easily distracted by shiny things and like watching the Earth rotate.

I try very hard to not have regrets.

I choose to seek the positive and often find the good.

I do not expect your reality to mirror mine, or even compliment it, but I do expect to play nicely together.


One thought on “About The Author

  1. CultFit says:

    Be inspired and do – Take care 🙂

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