The Story You Tell…

…And the one I read.

Two days ago, I told some creeper dude off because he “wanted to know everything about me” and said he “knew my heart” (immediately after meeting me).

No, you don’t, and I don’t know everything about me so how could you ever?

I’m evolving; you’ll never completely know me.

So, many “articles” on the internet lack proofreading and are so repetitious.

I just started one that said “to understand, you first must know about the couple” — NO, I DO NOT. To hear your bad ring buying experience, I don’t need to hear back to kindergarten, up to prom and then how you met. NONE of that changes, nor should it change, your bad retail experience.

Have we gotten that dumbed down? Other, better written articles has a “3 minute read” tag on them… is our time so precious?

We don’t always need the WHOLE back story because someone is obviously getting paid by the poorly-written-word.

Years ago, I had someone tell me they dislike meeting new people because “then I have to explain how I know this person, and I have to explain about that person… I basically have to tell them about everyone in my life.”

NO, you don’t! And to do that, is, frankly, a sign of some social defect.

What you are doing, instead of letting people know you, you are writing the narratives

So YOUR opinions about people in your life and YOUR perceived prominence is the first impression, and there-by will color the perception with a pre-conceived notion when they meet other people in your life.

It is simultaneously controlling and insecure.

It is also sadly indicative of the “now”; best face forward, all the time… social media ready!

I told that same person that I noticed in EVERY story they tell, they are NEVER the fool. If, in your stories, you are never the one taking the piss, you are never the one who tripped, never the one who got egg on your face…. you’re creating an image, not telling a tale… also, you’re probably lying.

People start to see through that *really quickly* – you’re day to day actions will prove your stories anyway (one way or another ).


Advice To The Graduates…

…And other ignores things.

Don’t be honest, hold it close.


…no one wants the truth anymore.

Take what you can get, don’t share…

…they’ll only take from you anyway.

(Or maybe…

Perhaps it’s better to be physically bankrupt than emotionally.)

I can’t handle right now. I’m screaming silently out loud.

Being Honest…

…Per chance to tell the truth.

If I’m being honest, I’m currently only friends with a certain person because I feel I have to be friends with that person.

I have very few “in real life” friends I do things with in person. Many don’t live close to me and our activities are limited to a few times a year. Don’t get me wrong; I value those interactions because my focus is on the person and the time together means a lot.

However, I have a few friends who live near and I try to be a participant in the friendship but … sometimes I just don’t want to.

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The Business Of Dying…

…And all the times we pay the price.

Someone posted something about how you might feel insignificant in the world but listed the ways in which you are not.

But I don’t think it’s true – and this isn’t a plea for people to tell me it’s true – but I don’t think people think of me when…
I really feel it wouldn’t matter if I just didn’t show up.

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