So, You Want To Enjoy Sex?

…Better go far, far away where no one knows your name…


If you are just tuning in, what you may not know about me is I am a BIG proponent of solo-travel. I think everyone should travel solo, on a fairly major trip, at least once. Being that I believe that, and that I enjoy solo travel, it is something I read about fairly regularly.

This morning I happened upon an article about solo travel. Now, unfortunately, I can’t share the article (I know, bad blogger) because I lost it… I was reading it on my phone (ah, what a marvelous age we live in…). In fact, I was very leisurely reading it in bed on my phone, and it caused me to jump up and bust out the keyboard. It was, innocently enough, an article listing ten reasons why you should travel while you are single, written by a woman.
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..asked for, not taken.

Sometimes, we are hamsters on exercise wheels that we have put ourselves on.

There comes a point in time you have to cut through the muck. Plain and simple, that’s what it comes down to.
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