The Scariest Things…

..Are those which we hold inside.

I have had a lot of shit happen to me over my life – a lot of (maybe) negative shit that people sometimes say “I can’t believe that happened” – But, the truth is always stranger than fiction. Always.

I generally get over  (“find the good”), I have forgiven a LOT – I have forgiven things that would NEVER be on other people’s radar, ever (nor should they be).  I had a roof stolen.. no, seriously, ACTUALLY, let that sink in… I HAD A ROOF STOLEN – those are word that should ever be spoke, let alone be someone’s reality.
(I am sure, at some point, I did in fact write about this – I am not revisiting it now – if it exists, it’s likely under the ‘forgiveness’ tag) – this is not the current issue…

.. the issue is the thing I might hate you for….

….and I rarely use the term hate, and *never* lightly…

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Random Anger and Venom…

…and root causes.

I have a thought going into this post that comes from someone else’s blog:
What other people think of you is none of your business.”

I think there’s truth to that. You can’t spend your time worrying what people think of you. Why? It is totally unproductive and, ultimately, serves nothing. You can not change someone’s opinion of you; you can not change a mind that is made up.
Frankly, sometimes (often) the way other people treat you really isn’t based on who *you* are, it is more a reflection of *them* and their internal workings.

Occasionally, I have these moments where I get this insight as to why other people may be functioning the way they are in a situation. It isn’t that I understand people so well, it is more that I understand there is something going on underneath and ultimately motivating them. That understanding can take a highly charged moment to one of sympathy, where I go from anger to feeling sorry for them. I had one such moment this past Friday.
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Sometimes, When You Are Wrong, You Are Right…

…and learning to BE wrong.

Recently as I was driving around in my car in a residential area. I came upon a stop sign, and I was not paying as much attention as I should have been. My car is modern and recent and relatively new, thereby, it is full of needless gadget and distraction. At the stop sign, I *stopped*… then I looked up and REALLY stopped. I was half way through the intersection and very nearly hit another car that had that right of way.

She rolled down her window and started screaming at me.
I said I was sorry, gave “the wave” and she kept screaming at me.

Action causes reaction; I started screaming back. This went on for several minutes.
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