Looking In…

…But never seeing out again.

With me, everything is “Private” – Private to the point I don’t share when I am in serious need of outside help, understanding or advice. I don’t even share when I’m in pain, because… you guessed it… it’s “private”.

I don’t share readily – the one person I share the most with is my boyfriend and even he feels I’m closed up half the time. He doesn’t press me… He knows I’ll share, eventually… partly. I think he knows I never share completely, and I justify it as ‘reasons’, but really… “private”. He knows how I am. Clearly he’s accepted it. (We don’t share a household. I would have to be far more open in that circumstance because I would have to be.)

As I told him today, one of the reasons I am so ‘closed’ is, his is the only opinion that matters. I don’t want him to know when I have trouble because I don’t want it to alter his opinion of me. I should know better than to think it does, but that’s the way I feel about it.

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What’s that phrase?

“…Stop making stupid people famous”

So, unless you’ve been asleep on the internet, you probably know about the mugshot that went viral. The convicted felon that everyone was swooning over, saying he is “too pretty” to be in jail, etc. Actually, no, he isn’t too pretty to be in jail, not if he committed crimes. He is right where he belongs.

However, the news on this person now is that apparently, he’s getting a modeling agent and modeling gigs from behind bars.

He has mug shots going back 12 years.

So WHAT kind of message does this send to young kids? It’s ok to be a felon, just be pretty, you’ll get a good job.

Just like the other messages we have sent out, already:
It’s ok to make sex tapes, just have some warped superficial sense of pretty, you’ll be famous and rich.

It’s ok to maybe rape young girls and at the very least do questionable things with them, so long as you are an R&B music star.

It’s ok to abuse animals, you’ll still make millions of dollars and be a hero playing football.
(No! It really isn’t. It is CRIMINAL that man was allowed back to play professional football. Shame on the entire NFL and every fan who watches it and endorsed that.)

No wonder kids feel it’s ok to lack ambition and be utterly disrespectful to themselves, authority, the law and each other. Society shows them THAT is what gets rewarded.

You REALLY can’t complain about society going to hell in a hand-basket when it’s your own hand carrying the basket.

Be A Real Person…

…because it beats the alternative.

Tonight’s post is again inspired by a blog post, but *this time* I will NOT be a “bad blogger” and I will site my source. It is here.

The article in question is an interesting one and one I agree with.

Zooey Deschanel is a lovely woman… I have not seen her show (shows?) but I know who she is and that she is lucky enough to have sung with Prince. That’s awesome. She’s beautiful and *cute* and my post is, in no way, in anyway derogatory toward her. I have hold no animosity toward her, I wish her the best.

Unfortunately, the above article made her the focus of a point (but I will not).

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