I’m very open…

…But you have to be too.

It seems to me that the people I find myself the most distance from, on a logical stand point, are the ones who never venture out of their comfort zone, those afraid to embrace what they already (and have always) known.

If you don’t experience new things as a native or if you, when you are away, always seek out *that* particular Supercenter over the local shop or the chain-you-know restaurant over the independent  place, if you never take your shoes off to wade in the fountain, or you never sit in the local coffee shop and just experience in a city foreign to you, then….
….if I’m being honest…
we probably aren’t going to see eye to eye on many things.



…And what it means to be human.

In recent weeks, several of my friends have posted a meme about how empathic they are. One of the *proofs* in said meme is “I know your feelings better than you do.”

As someone who is a “Highly Sensitive Person”, who you could call ’empathic’, I take offense at that.

If you’ve ever noticed my vernacular, I take great pains to not say things like “I know EXACTLY what you are feeling“, why? Because even if we have every experience the same and we go through the same circumstance, no two people will ever feel the same about it or have the same perception. Why? Because no two of us are *exactly* alike – and even the few who genetically are, aren’t even.

I will never know exactly what you feel. I can RELATE and I can empathize, but it will never be exact. Ergo, I can NEVER know what you are feeling better than you do… to say so is presumptuous and arrogant.
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…28 Years Later.

This week, I ended a life long friendship.

Sometimes, we have to end things for self preservation. Sometimes, it takes time to realize a relationship is toxic.

I have been going through a rough time lately and I have not been silent about it. Since I lost my cat, I haven’t been silent about my pain. I WILL tell you when I am “not ok” – as I have said before, I will not just say I am ok for the sake of an other person’s harmony when they post the obligatory are you ok? question. So, if I am not, I will say so. And recently, I have not been.

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What You Say…

…says a lot about you.

Social Media.
Those wonderful things that help us connect to the people we never should re-connect with (or have connected with in the first place).

You learn a LOT about your friends via social media, maybe things you wouldn’t have other wise (or at least not so bluntly). Sometimes, they are things you might not want to know about the way your friends think.
Somethings have the power to really change your opinion.

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Kindness; Doing Good…

…and all the good that comes back to you.

I do nice things for people. It is just part of who I am. I can not help it, I have to be nice, I have to give, I have to share. It’s just in my nature.

MOST of the time, I am glad for this being part of my nature. I truly believe that to have things, you have to give things away – basically, fortune is meant to be shared. No, this doesn’t mean you give everything away and leave yourself at a deficit (though, I have done that). It means when you know you are fortunate, even a little bit, you help those less so – in whatever way that presents itself. You give back as a form of gratitude, of saying “Thank You” to the universe. It doesn’t matter how you do it; you don’t have to give away your money – maybe you volunteer at an animal shelter, or you help at a retirement home or you do something to help a friend out. This all counts. I think it’s just a matter of humbling yourself a little and reminding yourself that just because of where you are, doesn’t mean you started there. It’s remembering “being there” so you can appreciate where you are at now…. remember what you are working for and also putting some good back into the world (because you’ve been blessed with good).
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