Pura Vida…

…Or, as I call it, Impromptu Trip To Costa Rica.

I am almost a year late on this post.

I am a person who travels. I am meant to travel and my love of movement finally prevailed back in November of 2015… somewhat accidentally!

A friend of mine and I decided to take a short getaway and leave from Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and fly to Chicago, Illinois (U.S.A). I should point out that that I didn’t consider this a ‘trip’-trip. I have been to Chicago many times, and it was just to get away and have a little fun.

Well, upon searching flights we made a discovery. There was a destination that was cheaper to fly to than Chicago…

… Hello, San Jose, Costa Rica! 21C

This trip was important for me because save for a few small trips (which I am sure I will touch upon later and in different posts), like the jaunt to Chicago was SUPPOSED to be,  I had been in a bit of a stasis, paralyzed with grief and at a standstill, since my cat died some years prior.

Going to Costa Rica was not planned, it was spontaneous and unexpected and it was very necessary for me, not to mention utterly thrilling. I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen Costa Rica on my own, but I am SO grateful we went.

This is going to mostly be a photo story post..

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Petrified Styrofoam…

…And other things that do not change over time.

So often in life we see things in hindsight, but once in a while you get to watch something in real time. I like to think that when we have those instances, when we see what’s going on as it is unfolding, when we are aware of the manipulations, we learn from them – however, that isn’t always the truth or the way things work out.

I’m currently in one such situation, however, I like to think I am learning from it…

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The Beautiful Weeds…

…Or the places roses grow.

I do call roses “weeds”but not necessarily in a bad way. You see, roses are very hardy, hard to kill and they will grow virtually anywhere, with very little care and sometimes in extraordinary circumstances. However, people love roses and they are considered perhaps the most beautiful of the flowers and stand for romance and friendship and so many other wonderful things. But really, a weed is just any plant growing somewhere it isn’t wanted.

It occurs to me, I have to write here more than once a month. It isn’t for lack of want or things to say… I don’t know why I neglect this, I like this space to share…

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Headstands and Misplaced Anger…

…And all the things you learn with time.

I have never made it a secret that I am a very grateful person.

I make a point of being very grateful. I keep a gratitude journal and repeat mantras of gratitude throughout the day. I am grateful for all the big things, of course, like the air I breathe, this life I have, waking up today. I am also grateful for all the small thing like a smile from a stranger or my brakes on my car working well, making a stop light, my hair falling just right. It takes nothing to be grateful, but it gives you so much.

One of the other things of which I am so grateful (and so often reminded to be grateful) of is the fact I made it this far in life without being bitter. But then, happiness is a CHOICE (so is being miserable).

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Kickstart This Campaign…

…or at least fund this crowdsource.

I saw an article today that defined someone today as “deserving” for, really, the act of being a decent human being.
A crowdsourcing campaign was set up to fund something for this person just for publicly helping someone else out.

Just because you shovel the sidewalk for someone else, doesn’t mean the world owes you $300,000.
Every time I remove snow, I do not only my own, but the house to each side of my own, sometimes further. I don’t do this because I am some hero. I don’t do this because I am looking for accolades. I do it because I like shoveling snow and I am nice and it is nice for the people who have to use the sidewalk. It is because I am civilized and we live in a society and we are supposed to do for each other, that’s the deal.
(When in society did we start rewarding the mundane? When we do that, what becomes of the extraordinary? I suppose it becomes unbelievable; unwanted and by the wayside. I guess it’s easier to yell “PHOTOSHOP” than accept and be happy that someone could (dare) shine brighter than we do.)

This post is going to deal, initially, with money, but that isn’t really what it’s about. Money, as per usual with me, is merely a metaphor. This is a bit of a free-style personal rant, I guess…
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I Have Enough…

…And that’s ok.

That’s why I keep a gratitude journal, to appreciate my life… to be happy with what I have.

It is a small book, paper journal, hand written.
Inside it I keep a few things, just little scraps of my life, placed in for no real reason other than I had them at the time and the journal seemed a safe place to stick them. A photo, a feather, a note, etc.

Yesterday, I had a very short entry…
…Wanna know what I wrote yesterday?

I have enough and that’s ok.
I have enough and that’s more than most.
I have enough, and for that I am grateful.

That’s it. That’s all I wrote yesterday: “I have enough.”
…and that is a freeing and powerful thing to be able to say

If you focus on what you have, the things you do not have become much, much smaller and less important.

Be happy with your life.
If you have the ability to read this somehow, you have a lot. You have more than a lot of people…
…be grateful for it.