Yours, Mine And Ours….

…Or, The Fact or Quality of Being Different, Divergent, or Inconsistent.

You know, my friend feed elsewhere on that *other* site is filled with “I’m done with the hate” posts.

No, no you aren’t. Because if you were, you wouldn’t feel the need to tell everyone five times in three days. If you’re done, you are just DONE, you don’t carry on talking about it.

The only way to be done with the hate is to reject it in your own life (and by the way, you can never fully reject prejudice, unless you are somehow reverting back to birth. Even 3 month old babies display it, as does the whole of the animal kingdom. But you CAN change where you find it in your thoughts by choosing to LEARN and evolve your opinions).

The only way to change the world is to change yourself and your mindset, and then effect the little bit of world all around you.

Most of us aren’t going to have a grand impact on the planet, but! We can have a grand influence on the bits we interact with. We CAN be great in our communities and a shining example in the lives of others, thus leading by example.

Saying you’re done with hate but you continue to feed into it by posting memes and stories (all of which are, see above, bias! There is NO such thing as unbiased media), isn’t being done with it.

Just because YOU believe in the side your on in a near militant fashion (which by the way, also a hallmark of hate, not believing the other side could remotely be justified), doesn’t mean you are always 100% correct, or infallible. It just means you’ve likely started to see every like case through your opinion and leave little room for variance.

There’s ALWAYS AT LEAST 3 sides to every story: yours, mine and the truth which lies some where in the middle.

Reject it, reject the media making heroes out of wrong doers, eject the bickering around you about a victim’s personality or blame in the crime… seriously reject that, because if you participate in it, even if you think you are righteous by defending the victim, really what you are doing is perpetuating it all. Perpetuating hate, often misinformation  (on both sides) and the very root of the problem. Look for facts and make up your own mind, spread truth. Seek understanding and choose to spread love… that’s how you really counter hate.

Seriously, Cats and Kittens: Peace.
Can we just play nice?


Requiem for a Siamese…

…and, your dog too.

I am a wreck because my friend’s dog died. I am crying. I am crying for her dog, I am crying for her… but also, I am crying for myself and the loss of my own cat.

Perhaps I tripped on a hole…

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Stop to Smell the Roses…

…Even if they are just weeds.

I don’t believe in crating dogs.
There. I said it. I know this is a controversial topic, I know people believe in crating like it is the foremost tool in the life of dogs, but I do not. YES, I understand it as training tool, and for comfort on occasion, but I do not think an animal belongs in a crate, long term.
I don’t have a problem with people who crate responsibly, I have a problem with people who crate to avoid responsibility.

There are many reasons I do not like leaving a dog in a crate. I think of all sort of scenarios, like if you are not home, and there is a fire, if your dog in a room it has a fighting chance at survival or at least a more pain-free death rather than being trapped in metal box that will heat up all around them. I think about these sort of things and how to avoid them because I feel it is my responsibility as a pet care-taker to think of all the situations (and feelings) of the animals I share my space with and consider them as if I was in that animal’s position.
(Dogs are smart, they like to learn. They can be taught how you want them to behave, without a crate… and what’s wrong with giving them a room in the house to stay in when you are gone? I don’t know… be crazy, throw some toys around, leave the TV on…)

There are a few other reasons I don’t like crate and every reason is because of humans, and the utter lack of thought that some humans put into lives that are not their own.

(I should warn you know, this is a personal topic with me, and I have strong opinions about it this post may be a long one… but I promise it will include a beautiful dog at the end…)

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Kindness; Doing Good…

…and all the good that comes back to you.

I do nice things for people. It is just part of who I am. I can not help it, I have to be nice, I have to give, I have to share. It’s just in my nature.

MOST of the time, I am glad for this being part of my nature. I truly believe that to have things, you have to give things away – basically, fortune is meant to be shared. No, this doesn’t mean you give everything away and leave yourself at a deficit (though, I have done that). It means when you know you are fortunate, even a little bit, you help those less so – in whatever way that presents itself. You give back as a form of gratitude, of saying “Thank You” to the universe. It doesn’t matter how you do it; you don’t have to give away your money – maybe you volunteer at an animal shelter, or you help at a retirement home or you do something to help a friend out. This all counts. I think it’s just a matter of humbling yourself a little and reminding yourself that just because of where you are, doesn’t mean you started there. It’s remembering “being there” so you can appreciate where you are at now…. remember what you are working for and also putting some good back into the world (because you’ve been blessed with good).
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Playing Peacefully…

…and learning to be better.

I had something I wanted to post but in light of today’s events, it would be ill-timed.

That’s happened to me as often as it could have in five short blog posts. I was set each time to post a thought and was made to think better of it (and I do feel it ultimately made for better posts).

Mindfulness, a conscious decision to not be insensitive, and to be responsible for the power of our words. It has been good for me to step away from my initial thoughts, chew on them and decide if that is what I REALLY want to put out into the world.

Every word we say, every action we take, has a ripple effect… we are not alone in the pond.

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