…but for what?


I woke up in a pretty persnickety mood this morning. I am blaming the weather (seriously, you think it’s so GREAT to have a 50F/10C+ degree Christmas in this part of the world? Is it your first? What usually follows? If I wanted warm Christmases, I’d move somewhere with them, instead of whining about weather that comes EVERY YEAR where I live – Oh WAIT, half of Texas and NM have blizzard warnings).

I feel rather discontent, truth be told… but then, I am hard on myself and feel my life is pretty great and I don’t have a reason to be so hard on myself…
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…28 Years Later.

This week, I ended a life long friendship.

Sometimes, we have to end things for self preservation. Sometimes, it takes time to realize a relationship is toxic.

I have been going through a rough time lately and I have not been silent about it. Since I lost my cat, I haven’t been silent about my pain. I WILL tell you when I am “not ok” – as I have said before, I will not just say I am ok for the sake of an other person’s harmony when they post the obligatory are you ok? question. So, if I am not, I will say so. And recently, I have not been.

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