Come Back To Me…

…And listen to me rant a while.

Having that thing called Facebook is nothing short of exhausting. Removing the emotional obligation to be involved with actual friends with the never ending posts of break-ups and make-ups we all *must* be privy to and the psychological break-downs that are anything but, one must navigate the world of buzzwords, causes and politics.

It’s really not worth the payout.

This post is gonna be a long one…

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Eyes To See…

…And that which is obvious even to the sightless.

Recently, I had released emotions regurgitate, much like the overindulgence of a night meant to be forgotten.

Ideally, when we think thoughts (read “of people”) we would prefer to not think about, we’d like to switch to “off” and not even deal with it. In being human, however, it is never that easy.
The best of intentions and the best of conclusions still come with baggage.

Sometimes the thoughts creep in, regardless.

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What You Say…

…says a lot about you.

Social Media.
Those wonderful things that help us connect to the people we never should re-connect with (or have connected with in the first place).

You learn a LOT about your friends via social media, maybe things you wouldn’t have other wise (or at least not so bluntly). Sometimes, they are things you might not want to know about the way your friends think.
Somethings have the power to really change your opinion.

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…and social media.

I don’t know why I haven’t written here.
Each day in my head I go over things to write here, things I think of, but I just can’t seem to get to the computer to type. In a way, I have been taking a bit of a technology break. It isn’t that I do not want to update, it is that I do not want to get on the internet.
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Letting Go…

…so you know what to hold on to.

To be honest, I don’t know what I want out of blogging. I just know I have a need to write that I try to ignore but I honestly can not.

Writing is a joy that needs discipline.

Perhaps I want the blog as a way of expecting something from myself. Perhaps I hope the blog will force me to tend to it, force me to write…

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So Connected…

…only to be disconnected.

I follow the rules, and frankly, sometimes it doesn’t pay. However, I do it anyway.

On this past Thursday, I have seen multiple people post on Social Media about the change in the airlines’ in-flight rules regarding electronics, posted, of course with commentary.
Basically, saying “now you don’t have to hide what you always did” or “I just pretended to disconnect anyway” or something to the like about how they or other people (presumably *everyone*) never turned their electronics off on a plane. I never turned mine on…
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