Halloween And TV Watching…

…And other horrors.

‘Tis the season of the mask, costume, pretending to be someone other than you.
I don’t get excited for Halloween, but it may be because I have already seen too many masks.

I have been thinking of past relationships, a lot lately. Relationships I have let go of, happily, but the thoughts are returning, unwelcomed.

As I have gotten older, my circle of friends have gotten smaller, much smaller, perhaps even too small. I think I have just had enough.
(I always say “quality over quantity”.)

I have had, indeed, some questionable friends and when I think of some of the things I have allowed to me, they are nearly ridiculous (I literally had a roof stolen from me, by a *friend* – one who I housed and afforded a lifestyle. The theft was my “thank you”, I guess).

Halloween is the night when you get to don a mask and pretend to be someone else for a little while, with the intent, according to the legend of Halloween, of keeping the evil spirits away. But… what happens when the ones you trust, that you’ve let close to you, are the *evil* ones who constantly wear a mask, barely letting you see their real face?
You can take the lesson as something that leaves you less trusting, or you can take it as a learning experience, to be more wise in the future (that is the route I have chosen, and I hope the wisdom of it proves true).

The masks only holds value in so long as you are content to have a superficial view of life – when everything can be social, party, TV, and surface – when no body really looks too deeply.

When you are content to just turn the television on for anesthetization, you become conditioned to crave the drama. Turning the television off forces you to write your own script.

I have been contemplative the last few days. Perhaps it is the illness that has plaqued me for the better part of this month or maybe it’s just because there is nothing good on TV…

There is another consequence of age and sharing…
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What You Say…

…says a lot about you.

Social Media.
Those wonderful things that help us connect to the people we never should re-connect with (or have connected with in the first place).

You learn a LOT about your friends via social media, maybe things you wouldn’t have other wise (or at least not so bluntly). Sometimes, they are things you might not want to know about the way your friends think.
Somethings have the power to really change your opinion.

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Stop to Smell the Roses…

…Even if they are just weeds.

I don’t believe in crating dogs.
There. I said it. I know this is a controversial topic, I know people believe in crating like it is the foremost tool in the life of dogs, but I do not. YES, I understand it as training tool, and for comfort on occasion, but I do not think an animal belongs in a crate, long term.
I don’t have a problem with people who crate responsibly, I have a problem with people who crate to avoid responsibility.

There are many reasons I do not like leaving a dog in a crate. I think of all sort of scenarios, like if you are not home, and there is a fire, if your dog in a room it has a fighting chance at survival or at least a more pain-free death rather than being trapped in metal box that will heat up all around them. I think about these sort of things and how to avoid them because I feel it is my responsibility as a pet care-taker to think of all the situations (and feelings) of the animals I share my space with and consider them as if I was in that animal’s position.
(Dogs are smart, they like to learn. They can be taught how you want them to behave, without a crate… and what’s wrong with giving them a room in the house to stay in when you are gone? I don’t know… be crazy, throw some toys around, leave the TV on…)

There are a few other reasons I don’t like crate and every reason is because of humans, and the utter lack of thought that some humans put into lives that are not their own.

(I should warn you know, this is a personal topic with me, and I have strong opinions about it this post may be a long one… but I promise it will include a beautiful dog at the end…)

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Dead Cats, Pennslyvania and Astabula….

…And the last of the summer rain.

Head tilted back, turned toward a dark sky,
eyes closed…
I feel warm air and cool water
droplets on my skin.

In the distance I hear
and soft foreign voices,
and I sense a tightness.

I can’t relax…

…A distinct feeling
of a wind-up toy
wound fully but
with the key held;
bound, ready to let go
yet directionless.

My eyes are glowing green,
like the times I’ve put in contacts
to make my eyes unbelievable
but I am not
wearing any…
…just a symptom,
a tell tale of
Heterochromia Iridum
and other things
I could not control.

Beautiful and sad
and freedom found
on lonely turnpikes
as seasons change
and lives pass, time
autumn ready
to say good-night
in morning fog;
looking for reason
on roadmaps
to any place
that isn’t “home”.

…And, by way of explanation (at least a little bit)…
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